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All your Questions and Answers will be answered here

Welcome to our HOBY 2023 Info Site.

Here will be your break down of information, questions, and answer for your HOBY Texas North 2023  Experience.

Parking and Location?

Regina Hall

This will be the location for registration. Registration will be from 8:00 A.M. - 9:30 A.M. on June 9th. Pick Up will also be in this location after closing ceremony. Please Contact us through the conact page for any concerns regarding pick up or drop off.

Parking Lot 27

Parking Lot 27 will be the only open parking lot during Registration and Pick Up. If you want to park closer to the Union for Closing Ceremony, there is the Highland Steet Garage that is, however, paid parking.

The Student Union- Parent Ceremony and Closing Ceremony will be held at the student union. Someone will be there to guide to the room in which it will be held. 

HOBY Texas North Will Be Held at The University of North Texas in Denton.

Suggested Packing List

Required to Bring

➔ Bed linens- Sheets (single/ twin size),
blankets or sleeping bag, pillow cases.
➔ Pillow
➔ Bath Towels
➔ Toiletries – shampoo, deodorant,
toothbrush, toothpaste, personal care
➔ Hair dryer
➔ Clothing
◆ Casual, comfortable clothing – shirts,
shorts, jeans/long pants, etc.
◆ Nice dress attire for Sunday
● Ladies – skirts, dresses or dress
● Men – dress pants and shirt
● Sturdy walking shoes

➔ Prescription Medicine*

➔ OTC Medicine as Needed.

Suggested to Bring

➔ Hand sanitizer
➔ Umbrella and/or rain coat
➔ Sunscreen
➔ Alarm clock
➔ Small fan (optional)
➔ Snacks (optional)
➔ Small amount of spending money (optional – for HOBY
merchandise and other items available during the weekend)
➔ Camera
➔ Water bottle
➔ Hand Sanitizer
➔ Health Insurance Card
➔ Directions to Rawlins Hall at University of North Texas
➔ Any completed pre-seminar forms or room key deposit
checks that were not previously returned to us by mail
(applies only to late registrants)
➔ Face Masks (at least one for each day of the event)
➔ Hand sanitizer
➔ Hair dryer

* If applicable, be sure to bring any prescription medication. Please bring only as much medication as will reasonably be needed during the HOBY event (3 days). Medication must be in its original container as labeled by the pharmacy. Please refer to the Policy for Use of Medication During a HOBY Event included in the Emergency Medical Information.

Please use the contacts below for any questions regarding semianr.

Lauren Lott

Director of Recruitment

(469) 834- 2279

Questions throughout Seminar

Hugo Guerra

Director of Recruitment

(972) 388- 6398

Contact for registration directions
and pickup adjustments

Jerell Mood

Assistant Director of Recruitment

(469) 810- 3935

If neither are available for contact.

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